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Flat batteries in Melbourne can happen at any time and at the most inconvenient of times, that’s why Prime mover assist are here to help with a good old fashioned Jumpstart!

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Flat car battery? – Here’s how to get your car started

Can’t turn your car on? It could be the battery. A simple jump start could get you back on the road. Prime Mover Assist roadside assistance and Truck assistance will help you with a jump start to get you on your way in the Melbourne districts.

How to Jump Start a Car

Step by step instructions on jumpstarting a car.

On the off chance that your battery has kicked the bucket, you might be capable to use jumper links to kick off it from some great Samaritan’s vehicle. On the off chance that you can securely utilize jumper links on your vehicle, ensure that the battery on the great Samaritan’s vehicle has at any rate as much voltage as your own. For whatever length of time that you connect the links appropriately, it doesn’t make a difference whether your vehicle has negative ground and the GS’s vehicle has positive ground, or your vehicle has an alternator and the GS’s vehicle has a generator.

  1. Take out your jumper links.
  2. It’s a smart thought to purchase a lot of jumper links and keep them in the storage compartment. In the event that you don’t have jumper links, you need to locate a decent person to help you however who has jumper links too.
  3. Spot the two vehicles in Park or Neutral and shut off the start in the two autos.
  4. Connect with both stopping brakes too.
  5. Connect one of the red clasps to the positive terminal of your battery.
  6. It has “POS” or “+” on it, or it’s greater than the negative terminal.
  7. Append the other red clasp to the positive terminal of the other vehicle.
  8. Join one of the dark clasps to the negative terminal on the other battery.
  9. Connect the last dark clasp to an unpainted metal surface on your vehicle that isn’t close to the battery.
  10. Utilize one of the metal swaggers that holds the hood open.
  11. The links should resemble this.
  12. Begin the working vehicle and let the motor keep running for a couple of minutes.
  13. Attempt to begin your vehicle.
  14. In the event that it won’t begin, ensure that the links are appropriately associated and have the great Samaritan run his or her motor for five minutes. At that point attempt to begin your vehicle once more. On the off chance that despite everything it won’t begin, your battery might be past assistance.

In the event that the hop works and your vehicle begins, don’t stop your motor! Drive around for in any event 15 minutes to revive your battery. On the off chance that the vehicle won’t begin whenever you use it, the battery isn’t holding a charge and should be supplanted.

In the event that your vehicle doesn’t begin, look at these tips for investigating a vehicle that won’t begin.

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